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Recital in the West: Carlos Alves e Caio Pagano

Autor: Richard Nilsen, in The Arizona Republic, USA, Julho 2010

25 abr 2014

Última atualização: 25 nov 2018

Depois de assistir a um  dos concertos da Digressão americana dos artistas CAIO PAGANO e CARLOS ALVES, a editora SOUNDSET RECORDINGS, convidou os artistas a gravarem para si. Carlos Alves é o primeiro clarinetista português convidado a gravar nos EUA para uma editora americana, na companhia do consagrado pianista brasileiro Caio Pagano que, em 2010, foi considerado O ARTISTA DO ANO no Brasil pela Revista Concerto, e PROFESSOR DO ANO na Universidade do Estado do Arizona (com 82 mil alunos), onde é Professor Catedrático.


Sonata for clarinet and piano

Francis Poulenc

Allegro tristamente (Allegretto)
Romanza (très calme)
Allegro con fuoco (très anime)

Première Rhapsodie for clarinet & piano

Claude Debussy

Four pieces for clarinet & piano, Op. 5

Alban Berg
Mässig (Moderato)
Sehr langsam (Very slow)
Sehr rasch (Very fast)
Langsam (Slow)

Sonata for clarinet & piano, Op. 120/1

Johannes Brahms
Andante un poco adagio
Allegretto grazioso



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Richard Nilsen, in The Arizona Republic, USA, Julho 2010

This recital recording of clarinet and piano music is a chamber-music lover's joy to listen to. It includes the single best performance of the first Brahms Clarinet Sonata I've ever heard: That means it is not only musically expressive, phrased with sensitivity and intelligence, but also that Carlos Alves gives his clarinet a beautiful, rounded, plummy tone - unlike the reedy squawking of a Richard Stoltzman. It is the rich and elegiac tone that inspired Brahms to write so much clarinet music near the end of his life. And ASU faculty-member Caio Pagano is one of the few pianists who really feel simpatico with Brahms' idiosyncratic piano writing. Some pianists try to make a clear melody-and-accompaniment out of the complex fingerings, which misrepresents Brahms' music, while others founder in the dense texture. Pagano always makes perfect sense of all those notes. Also included in this Arizona performance is Francis Poulenc's bright and witty sonata, Debussy's "Premiere Rhapsodie" and the seldom heard Alban Berg mini masterpiece, the "Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano," Op. 5. Through it all the musicians maintain the highest standards of sound production, phrasing, musicianship and, what is more important, meaning: They play the music like it means something. Don't miss this gem.
Recital in the West
  • Recital in the West
  • Recital in the West
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