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Author: Da Capo

05 mai 2017

Last update: 24 jul 2018

Piano Festival and Masterclasses

The masterclasses will take place at Quinta de Albergaria, in Correlhã, Ponte de Lima, Portugal, where the participants may be located during the week.

Masterclasses will be given by pianists Luís Pipa (EPTA Portugal) and Katariina Liimatainen (EPTA Finland). All participants will have free entrance to all the concerts of the Festival. 

The students have the possibility of performing in a public concert, pending teacher approval.

All participants will receive a course certificate.

Deadline for application is 30th of May, 2017: http://eptapianofestivalandmasterclasses.blogspot.pt

The number of "active participants"  is limited. The participants will be chosen by Luís Pipa and Katariina Liimatainen and the criteria for acceptance will be based on the curriculum and repertoire presented. The results will be revealed after the 30th of May. Participants not chosen to play this year may join the masterclasss as listeners. 

Note: If the number of places is not fulfilled until the 30th of May the deadline will be extended, but the participants accepted will have to pay an extra fee. 

After approval, the application will only be accepted after we receive the transfer receipt (proof of payment) that should be sent to the email eptaportugal@epta-lusa.pt


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